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7 Ways to Store Kratom: How to Keep Kratom Fresh?

by Aksh
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Preserve your Kratom in a way similar to that of excellent teas. To keep its potency and freshness, kratom should be stored in a dark, cool area, apart from UV light, humidity, and oxygen. You should be aware of different ways to store kratom. Kratom’s strength diminishes over time if stored in a sterile environment for an extended period. Mitragynine, the primary active component, progressively changes into another molecule when kept incorrectly. 

Kratom should be used within one to 3 months of delivery as a general rule. Purchase your Kratom from a reliable supplier, such as Kats Botanicals, to ensure that you receive fresh Kratom and that it has been stored correctly. Store your Kratom in the right containers for its intended use to prevent it from degrading. These strategies might help you preserve your Kratom in the best possible condition.

Ways to Store Kratom: What You Need to Know?

Are you looking to keep your kratom products fresh and usable for a long time? Here are 7 things you need to know before storing your kratom in 2023.

1. Keep Kratom away from Moisture:

Moisture is the number one foe of any food that must be kept. You do not want your Kratom to become damp and soggy and remain that way at all. It will decompose and become unusable. Kratom leaves, powder, and Kratom capsules all suffer from dampness in the same way. 

Refrigerators may be a problem for storage if they get very humid. Make sure your containers have as little oxygen as possible, as this might cause humidity to build up. Adding a paper towel or a slice of bread to your container may also help absorb some of the extra humidity in the air. 

2. Buy Kratom in Right Quantity:

In most cases, Kratom may be purchased in various weights and sizes from online stores and dealers. Make an effort to buy only what you will use within a few weeks or a month. 

Bulk purchases may lose their freshness after two to three months if not used promptly. It would help if you started off with a small bag and gradually work your way up to the amount you need each month. Invest in a kratom bag that will last you for a month’s worth of consumption and won’t need to be stored. 

3. Prepare and Keep Kratom for Longer Use:

It’s preferable to keep Kratom in little plastic bags to consume regularly. Take a tiny amount of Kratom each day, and store it in a different container each time you do. 

When storing Kratom, the most important step is to remove all of its air from the bag since oxygen does not benefit its longevity. Remove any leftover air by pressing down on the bag once it has been closed as much as possible. Use a straw to suck the air out of it before you zip it up. Vacuum seal pouches are used by certain Kratom users. 

A plastic bucket or tin may be used to break your Kratom up into weekly or monthly portions after the bags have been sealed. Kratom that you don’t use may be kept in a cool, dry place away from UV radiation, moisture, and oxygen, all of which impair its potency. 

7 Ways to Store Kratom: How to Keep Kratom Fresh? - Kratom Blogs

For longer-term storage, some individuals swear by freezing their sealed daily-use bags. No one knows yet if this is better than other options for storing data. When storing Kratom in the freezer for an extended length of time, you must also watch out for freezer burn. 

4. Storage over a long period of time:

For long-term storage of Kratom, follow the same procedure as for short-term storage of the herb. For long-term use, divide your Kratom into larger amounts and store some of these together in a bag or container. Decide how you want to organize it based on the period.  Short-term supplies may be replenished by simply taking out what you need. 

5. Keeping Freshly Brewed Kratom Tea in the Refrigerator:

If you want to take Kratom via drinking Kratom tea, you can prepare the tea ahead of time. Do you know how long kratom tea last in fridge? For a week in the fridge or forever in the freezer, kratom tea can be stored? Store your Kratom tea in an airtight container in the back of the fridge, just like you would any other perishable item. 

After brewing your Kratom tea, store it in the freezer. Creating and freezing a Kratom paste is a popular method of enhancing Kratom for many Kratom users. The alkaloids in Kratom are released more quickly when the plant cell walls are broken down by freezing. Putting your Kratom tea in the freezer might also be an excellent way to enhance its effects. 

After brewing the tea, allow it to cool to room temperature. Please put it in an ice cube tray or a plastic container. Do not use a glass container since the liquid grows into a frozen solid, and it can shatter when they do. 

Keep your Kratom tea in the refrigerator covered or sealed to prevent it from absorbing any bad freezer smells. Transfer the ice cube trays of Kratom tea to an airtight container before placing them in the icebox. 

6. Keep Kratom out of the Sunrays:

Any time someone asks how to store Kratom, one of the first things they learn is to keep the powder away from direct sunlight. Vitamin D and antimicrobial qualities are found in abundance in sunlight, but how can they affect Kratom’s efficacy or potency? 

Alkaloids in plants are formed as a result of chemical reactions sparked by exposure to sunlight. The sun’s UV radiation can deactivate alkaloids by breaking down their components. Another explanation is that kratom powder’s chemical makeup changes when it’s exposed to the sun’s rays. 

The mitragynine in Kratom will generate another chemical compound if it is exposed to light or heat, so store your powder or capsules in the dark. The new substance has no beneficial impact on the body! 

7. Containers of varying sizes:

Plastic bags and freezer bags are the best containers for keeping Kratom since you can press out all the air before placing them in a cool, dark location. Glass jars and dark plastic containers can also be used, but only if they are UV-resistant. 

Keep an eye out for signs of mildew or freezer burn when storing Kratom in your cupboard or freezer. It is possible to determine if your Kratom isn’t properly kept by noticing changes in fragrance, color, and appearance. Your Kratom, whether powdered or in the shape of leaves or tea, has altered in some way since you first purchased and kept it. Mishandled storage practices may have deteriorated your Kratom’s color or olfactory quality, causing it to lose potency. As a result, the advantages of using Kratom that have been improperly kept are diminished. 


Hopefully, the information in this post has convinced you of the need to store your Kratom properly. In the end, it all comes down to the quality of the Kratom you purchase. We’re proud to provide you with premium products, and we want to make sure you know how to keep them fresh.

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