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Does Weed Reduce Your Brain Cells?

by Aksh
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Weed is a form of hemp obtained from the cannabis plant that tends to be a dried flower bud or seed. It is the most popular and famous substance consumed by smoking, vaping, or many other methods. These substances are readily available in convenience stores or gas stations. In this article by Kratom Blogs, we’ll talk about does weed reduce your brain cells or not.

The individual consumes the product to create a calm and composed atmosphere. But when you consume the weed in large quantities, it may cause harm to your health. In this article, we will discuss the effect of weed on our brain and its cells.


Effects of Weed On Our Brain Cells

Weed is a psychoactive compound in which the most common ingredient is the presence of THC. When we consume substances like weed, our brain produces a natural form of a chemical called endocannabinoid.

These endocannabinoids control the functioning of different parts of the body. And along with that, it tends to interact with the receptors in our brain and nervous system. Since THC is also a cannabinoid, it connects with the same receptors as endocannabinoids.

Types Of Receptors in the Brain

Does Weed Reduce Your Brain Cells? kratomblogs.com

After the study, it was found that there are two main receptors present in the brain cycle, which are:

  1. The first receptor is the CB1 receptor, located in the body’s central nervous system.
  2. The second receptor is the CB2 receptor, which is found in the body’s peripheral nervous system.

When we consume weed, THC tends to show its effect in only a few seconds, which slows both receptors. These receptors are responsible for forming communication with the ganglia, cerebellum, and hippocampus. All three of them are essential brain components that are affected by THC. The functioning of these components includes coordination, memory, and movements.

Other Components of the Brain That Are Affected By the Intake of Weed Are as Follows

  1. Component of the amygdala that controls the emotions of individuals.
  2. It also affects the brain stem of an individual, which is responsible for the sensation of pain.
  3. The THC ingredient in the weed also affects hunger and sexual urges in the body.

Thus, consuming weed affects all parts of our brain, affecting our body’s functioning and reducing brain cells.

How Does Weed Affect Our Brain Cells in the Short Term?

When we are new to consuming these weeds, they tend to create short-term effects on the brain, which are:

  • The Problem of Dry Mouth

When we consume these weeds, the main psychoactive ingredient, THC, starts showing its effects. The release of substances causes us to face the problems of dry mouth, saliva, and lips.

  • The Intake of Weeds Affects Our Memory

It is found that consumption of these controlled substances tends to affect our brain cycles. The intake of these weeds will cause us to lose our memory, thus facing the problem of short-term memory. On the other hand, it also causes an individual to retain important information and affects our learning cycle.

  • The Intake of Weeds Affects Our Body’s Coordination

According to the study, the THC compound in weed affects our brain cells, which affects our body’s coordination. Due to these problems, we cannot perform our daily duties as we have difficulty walking. It also affects our hand movements, thus affecting our writing skills and handling of items.

  • The Consumption of Weed Affects Our Heart Rate

It is found that weed consumption tends to increase our heart rate, thus increasing the chances of a heart attack. In addition, THC components are released from these weeds that tend to increase our blood pressure and other heart diseases.

  • The Intake of Weed Affects Our Lungs

According to the study, it was found that the consumption of weeds irritates the lungs. We tend to feel itchy and feel that some form of substance is stuck in between the cycles. The consumption also affects our inhalation process, making it difficult to breathe.

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How Does Weed Affect Our Brain Cells in the Long Term?

The effects of weed on brain cells in the long term if consumed in large quantities are as follows:

  • It Affects Our Memory

According to a study, the intake of weed in large quantities affects the gray matter in the brain. This gray matter is the denser part of the brain and helps study and learn various skills. However, it also makes the size of the hippocampus and the amygdala smaller, thus affecting our memory.

  • Reduces the IQ Of An Individual

In research conducted in New Zealand, they included around 1000 children. From the study, we found that teenagers who consumed weed almost four times a week experienced a drop in IQ. Their IQ dropped to around 8 points after the consumption of weed. It indicates that the consumption of weed will result in a reduction of intelligence in an individual.

  • Reduce the Dopamine Level

When we consume weed, it tends to lower the level of dopamine in the individuals consuming it daily. As a result, these individuals will develop symptoms of psychosis, which is quite similar to schizophrenia. The effect of this would be that individuals would become clueless about real-life situations. 

  • Hamper the Brain Development Process

It was found that teenagers whose brains are in the development stage are severely affected. They tend to lose their level of cognition, thus stopping their brain development. This, in turn, will keep young individuals at risk of neurocognitive problems until age 25. Thus, it is advised to avoid consuming these drugs in large quantities.

From this, we can say that long-term weed consumption tends to cause severe damage to brain cells. And even if we consume them in lesser quantities, it also creates harmful short-term effects.


Weed, also called marijuana, is a dried and shredded green flower with a slight gray texture. These substances are grown in many countries, like the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Asia. It is found that these substances can be cultivated in both outdoor and indoor environments.

The most common ingredient in the weed is THC, which goes to different body parts. It tends to affect our brain cells, thus affecting our level of perception, learning, and coordination. Thus, consuming these substances in controlled amounts is advised to reduce the risk.

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