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Kratom Duration: How Long Does Kratom Last in Your Body?

by Aksh
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In this era, most of you feel exhausted and stressed because of your hectic life. Whether it is mental or physical stress, every one of you seeks relief. Well, one of the solutions is kratom components. It is an indigenous medicinal plant and is used for pain, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, diarrhea, and even opiate withdrawal. The longer you feel calm, the more energetic you will be, and with the consumption of kratom supplements for a period of time you can have this perk. But do you know how long does kratom last in your body? Do you know about the duration of kratom after its consumption in your body?

What is Kratom?

It is a tree that grows in the eastern part of South Asia. In chemical language, it is known as mitragynine, which is an indole-based alkaloid. It is used to make recreational drugs in the form of kratom supplements like kratom capsules and kratom powder. The leaves of this tree can be chewed or drank in a liquid form to uplift the mood and enhance your physical endurance. For a very long time, people use it for anxiety, depression, cough, diabetes, high blood pressure, and pain. 

Types of Kratom

The leaves of the trees are dark green in color and can be 180 mm long. People take it in the form of raw leaves too. Today there are other forms of kratom that are more popular like tablets, kratom tea, capsules, powder, vapor, and gum too. In tea and vapor, its compounds are firstly crushed, and then you can mix it with your tea, or you can consume it with your vaporizer.

How long has kratom been used?

How Long Does Kratom Last in Your Body? - Kratom Blogs

Traditionally, people used its plant for making medicines or consuming them directly. They chewed the leaves of the kratom plant in order to relieve the pain and increase metabolism. Additionally, its leaves are used with tea for drinking. In cultural times it was also used as an element of sexual desire and as a local anesthetic.

Today’s usage of Kratom

It is a very trendy substance for today’s generation because mostly they use it to get relief from anxiety and stress. They consume it in the form of pills or crushed ones and even smoke it like marijuana. You can also use kratom for withdrawal from opioids and other conditions. 

How Long Does Kratom Last in Your Body?

The answer to this question is very dependent on the amount of do you have consumed. Taking a substantial amount of supplement can last for several hours more than it should. Generally, mitragynine sustains for 24 hours in your body. But, the duration of effects also depends upon the factors like age, physical health, gender (because of hormones), and the presence of any form of already existing substance in the body. Also, read about how long kratom stays in your urine in the recent blogs on our website.

In the existing duration, how kratom reacts with your body?

When kratom compounds enter your body, half of its life goes into the breakdown of the drug and then concentrates on the person’s system. They interact with the opioid receptors in the brain and produce sedation and pleasure. The effects of mitragynine in humans are fully dependent on the amount of dose you are consuming. If you consume a smaller amount of doses then it will generate cocaine-like stimulation whereas, a larger amount of dosages produce morphine-like deductive effects. But taking a larger amount of doses together can cause side effects like sweating and dizziness. 

Factors that can influence the duration of kratom’s effect

Age is one of the factors because of metabolism. As older the person is, the longer drugs will take to affect them. Younger people tend to get fast results after consuming it. 

How Long Does Kratom Last in Your Body? - Kratom Blogs

The weight of a person or fat in the body affects the length of time it will remain in the human system. This is because it is fat-soluble and remains in the system for a longer time in fat people than it can sustain in a thinner body. Substance intake before consuming kratom also influences the duration. Drinking too much water before consuming a drug and its effects is related to how many times you are extracting it from urine. This parameter works with food intake too, if you take a high amount of fat meal then the absorption will be faster than usual. If you take it with an empty stomach then the effects of it are normally more fast than usual.

Things like mixing different drugs with it can affect its way of reacting to your body as well as its duration. For example, if you take it with alcohol then your body will first react to alcohol than to other substances. Eventually, it starts affecting the time your body is taking to react to it. Health conditions also affect the duration. Especially if a person has a problem related to their liver, then the metabolizing rate becomes very slow.

Some of the other functions are how it reacts with hormones and stays in your system. Things like ph levels and metabolic rate or it can be enzymes that play a role in the speed of a substance.

The length of time it can be detected in the system 

When a human body takes an intake of kratom, then generally it takes 10 to 15 minutes to start the effect. Small doses can last for 2 to 3 hours and higher doses last for up to 8 to 10 hours.

People who are already taking these supplements or wondering to take them might think about how long they can actually be in your body chemically. As I said earlier, it has a half-life of around 24 hours, but the key point is in the day it almost eliminates 50% of the major components from your body. To fully eliminate this substance, it may take 5 days to be cleared from the body. Now, if there is a question arising in your mind that the effect of it will stay this long too? Well, the answer is no, it won’t stay this long, it only affects for a few hours as per the quantity taken. 

Benefits of kratom

It gives you relief from stress and works as an energy booster. It helps your immunity in the long run and high blood pressure too. It is widely used medically as an opiate. Younger people consume it to induce euphoria ( a feeling of pleasure and happiness). Some of the major factors of why this is trendy are; kratom relieves pain, kratom reduces depression, and lessens anxiety. All these benefits are only beneficial and effective if kratom is taken in a controlled amount because the excessive dosage can have side effects.


Kratom effects and duration sustain for a few hours. However, it is totally dependent on the various factors we discussed. It helps you in many ways and can provide some relief from your stressful life. A safe amount of dosage is good for your system. 

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