How Long To Boil Kratom Tea For The Best Taste?

by Aksh
How Long To Boil Kratom Tea For The Best Taste - Kratom Blogs

Kratom tea is a Southeast Asian tea that has become quite popular nowadays. This tea can be prepared either by crushing or brewing kratom leaves. The kratom trees are found in subtropical regions and have a height of 80 feet or more.

In some parts of Thailand and Malaysia, these leaves are directly consumed. The native people just chew them. On the contrary, they are used in powder form in countries like the USA.

This powder is either taken directly or in the form of a capsule. But most people prefer to take it in tea. It is a form of herbal tea that has quite a mild taste. This tea will offer you boosted energy and enhance your mood to make you high.

Time Required To Prepare Kratom Tea To Get The Best Results

While we are preparing Kratom tea, the most crucial question is how long to boil kratom tea, which means simply the time at which the tea will be boiled. This time varies on the type of kratom tea we are making. So the amounts required to boil kratom tea are as follows:

1. Crushed Leaf Kratom Tea

It is one such category of kratom tea. In this, just heat the water in the saucepan. After heating the water, add a cloth pouch of crushed kratom leaf.

In this tea, the amount of time required to boil is 20 minutes. And if you want a slightly stronger tea, you can increase the time by a few more minutes.

After that, remove the cloth pouch by straining the water in the cup. Next, add required sweeteners like honey and syrup to increase the taste. After that, you can enjoy the tea.

2. Powdered Kratom Tea

How Long To Boil Kratom Tea For The Best Taste - Kratom Blogs

Another method for the preparation of kratom tea is the use of kratom powder. You can easily make kratom tea with powder at home. It is the simplest and most commonly used method. A single cup of tea in this category will suffice your needs.

In this, too, after heating the water for some time, add the dose of kratom powder. The time required to boil the powdered kratom tea is 10 to 15 minutes.

After that, immediately remove the tea from the heat; otherwise, the tea will dilute. Then, you can transfer the tea to the cup and consume it.

3. Kratom Sun Tea

It is another category in which we can consume kratom tea. The preparation of this tea is quite beneficial, as it can be stored in a container. The lifespan of such tea is almost one week.

This tea category is the mildest of all, as the tea is kept in sunlight for preparation and not on a gas stove. In this tea, we take a jug and fill it with water.

After that, we put kratom leaves in a cloth pouch. Then we will seal the jug entirely so no air can enter it. The amount of time we keep them ranges from one hour to a maximum of five hours.

Remove the seal cover and stir the tea. Tea is ready to consume. So the amount of time required to boil kratom tea ranges from 10-15 minutes for powdered tea. And it ranges from 20 to 25 minutes for crushed-leaf tea. And if you are making tea, you will need five hours to make the tea.

Things to Consider while Making Kratom Tea

Making kratom tea is quite simple. But specific points need to be followed to get the best taste. Hence, to help you with that, we have highlighted the things that you need to follow while making Kratom tea.

1. Heating

It is advised just to heat the water in the saucepan. Don’t put out the high flame so that water gets boiled. It is because kratom is made of alkaloids that will break down if heated for longer.

As a result, the taste of the tea will get spoiled and weaker. So just heat the water at a low temperature.

2. Addition Of An Acidic Item

Since we know that kratom is made of alkaloid content, adding an acidic item will increase the durability of these molecular forms of kratom.

As a result, you can add acidic items like lemon or apple cider to it. These acidic items will get infused with the compounds of alkaloids. It will increase the taste of kratom tea to make it tastier.

3. Addition Of Sweeteners

How Long To Boil Kratom Tea For The Best Taste - Kratom Blogs

As we all know, this tea is quite bitter as it is herbal. So when making it, it is just kratom powder and boiling water boiling. So it is much more challenging to drink such tea. So to increase its taste, we can add different artificial sweeteners to the tea. It will increase the flavor of the tea and make it more delicious. You can add artificial sweeteners: Maple syrup, ginger, mint basil, and honey are some of the sweeteners you can add to enhance the taste.

4. Type Of Kratom Strains

The most important thing while making this tea is using the right strain. Knowing the purpose and timing of your tea intake, you can choose the strain accordingly.

If you have this tea during the day, two types of strains are available. These are white kratom and green kratom. It will increase your energy and make your mood lighter.

Suppose you have this tea at night time. Then the type of strain you need has a red vein. It will make you calm and relaxed.


Kratom tea is a tea that we can consume daily. Its preparation is just like when you are making a normal tea. The time you need to decide on its preparation depends on the type you are making. It is advised to follow the recipe by heart to prevent spoiling the tea.

This tea is beneficial if taken in the correct quantity. So avoid overdosing on the kratom content. You can purchase kratom tea powder from the market. Or you can make them at home yourself.

There are shops where you can easily buy kratom leaves. So enjoy this delicious and light tea in the evening while sitting by the sun.

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