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How to Clean Weed Grinder like a PRO?

by Aksh
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A weed grinder is significantly required equipment for almost all cannabis consumers, especially those with weed buds. You should be very well aware of how to clean weed grinder. These accumulated particles clog and restrict further use; the sticky particles will not allow the user to obtain a smooth and refined collection after a single use.

You should not let your carelessness or laziness keep you away from cleaning a grinder and serve as a disincentive to keeping your weed gear up to date. This article by Kratom Blogs will walk you through the effective and necessary steps for cleaning your weed grinder.

What is a Weed Grinder?

One of the most essential steps in smoking weed is breaking down the bud into equal minute sizes. Cannabis or weed enthusiasts can smash and break the weed bud with their hands, but this leads to inconsistency and irregular pieces of weed, which will be challenging to consume in a joint, bong, or vape, as well as used in some edible or drinks.

How to Clean Weed Grinder? KRATOMBLOGS.COM

On the other hand, it makes an easy and equal distribution and a better consumption process, giving the strongest and most potent hit the weed variant has to offer.

This is where the invention of the weed grinder serves as a savior as this teeth-sized machinery crushes the weed bud easily and in less time into small and even pieces. Separating the unnecessary particles and impurities through the strainer provides a smooth and refined collection at the bottom.

All you need to do is put a required piece of bud inside the weed grinder. Then the rolling pins inside will need a slow push with moderate pressure to start working instantaneously by grinding, straining, and providing smooth, minute, and even particles of the weed to consume. 

Why You Should Clean Your Weed Grinder?

Obtaining the necessary weed product comes with a price; the sticky substance of the weeds tends to attach itself to the system after every use. If these pieces and clogs remain unattended and used repeatedly, there will come a time when the grinder can not be used anymore. It will be difficult for the cutting blades to operate, or the lid can get struck. Moreover, there will be no passage for the weed to get ground and strained to flow out as a final product.

Another important reason to clean your weed grinder is that the weed you are grinding and consuming is a biomaterial, and it can turn into mold growth when left unattended. Therefore, it can severely impact an adverse change in your health if consumed. However, the use and after-consumption effects can make you forget about cleaning the grinder. 

You can follow us through this article to understand the process better and follow the procedures to clean your weed grinder for better use in the future.

What Do You Need to Clean Your Weed Grinder?

There are a few little instruments that you will need to clean the weed grinder. As we can see that the weed grinder itself is a tiny little instrument, we would also need something that can fit our requirements. So, here is a list of items that we will be needing.

  • The filthy weed grinder
  • An oral pick
  • A dish or platter
  • A firm brush, such as a toothbrush or another type
  • A refrigerator
  • An empty glass jar or Ziplock bag
  • A cloth
  • A little brush with delicate bristles
  • Alcohol, isopropyl
  • Freshwater

A Step By Step Procedure to Clean Your Grinder

There are many possible ways to clean your weed grinder. Some of them are very easy to do, whereas some of them need precise attention to perform. In addition, the quick and easy ways do not help remove the excess weed leftovers, whereas the long and precise cleaning can help you get rid of the tiniest particles. 

This section will walk you through the precise procedure to clean your weed grinder free of any unnecessary elements.

Step 1: Dismantle the Filthy Grinder

It’s necessary to deep-clean the weed grinder when it is sufficiently jammed full of plant debris that your machine can’t obtain an effortless in-and-out crushing or crushing movement. Therefore, the grinding device should first be disassembled, with every section separated from the rest of the machine. Be cautious not to drop anything from the grinder, like the plant stuff still within the spaces, while you carry out this task.

Step 2: Clean the Residue

Place any remaining plant debris in a dish or set it flat. The info will be saved for future reference. Avoid being concerned about the substance which remains firmly adhered within the grinder’s spaces at this stage; your goal is to collect the substance that has only been lightly coated in the weed grinder. You will handle that as part of the following phase.

Step 3: Refrigerate the Grinder

Place every grinding component straight inside the fridge for 30 minutes. This method of freezing the weed waste leaves it harder, and when it freezes, it begins clumping together instead of sticking to the grinder securely, making it easier to scrape the remains off the crusher.

Step 4: Remove the Plant Residue

Now take out the grinder. You can utilize a toothpick or a tiny, soft-bristled brush to remove all of the weed waste. Use a container to gather everything as earlier. Do not forget to clean the lids of the various spaces, the borders of all the grinding teeth, and their outer edges.

Step 5: Soak it in Isopropyl Alcohol

Now clean the grinder once you’ve collected all the remaining weed matter you can. Every cavity should be contained in a sizable Ziplock bag or glass container. Add sufficient isopropyl alcohol to the container to completely cover the grinder and soak for at least 20 minutes. Allow the container a slight whirl now and again to break up any weed waste that has adhered to the grinder.

Step 6: Brush off the Remaining Residue

Take the grinder out of the package after pouring it out. To thoroughly wash the grinder, use a soft or different toothbrush. This procedure will help you remove the most stubborn leftovers.

Step 7: Clean and Dry it

To remove any traces of alcohol and weed matter, wash the weed grinder thoroughly in warm and fresh water. Wipe the weed grinder off with another towel, making sure to dry the insides and anything surrounding the grinding teeth.


In conclusion, you can follow the steps above to clean your grinder and keep it fresh and clean for every use. This way, you will be getting complete use of the weed grinder and staying away from any health issues

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