Is Kratom Legal In Wisconsin?

by Aksh
Is Kratom Legal In Wisconsin?

Kratom has grown in popularity since arriving in the United States in the late 1990s. Users use it for the effect it has on their mood or take it to lessen their need for opioids. Despite these advantages, the plant is still illegal in several jurisdictions. Many users want to know if is kratom legal in Wisconsin or not?

The choice must be made at the state level regarding Kratom’s legality. This is because Kratom is neither federally controlled nor prohibited. Since 2014, the use of Kratom is not permitted in the state of Wisconsin. Let’s get into the kratom legislation in Wisconsin. Keep on reading to know about it.

Legal Status of Kratom in Wisconsin: Is Kratom Legal in Wisconsin?

The federal government of the United States does not outright prohibit Mitragyna speciosa but instead leaves the matter of legalization up to the individual states.  Given how frequently regulations are updated, You may wonder if Kratom will still be illegal in Wisconsin in 2023. In Wisconsin, Kratom is prohibited to sell, possess, or distribute.

Is Kratom Legal In Wisconsin?

This rule applies to all areas along the limits of the state of Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, the consumption of Kratom is against the law. People living in Wisconsin Dells, Milwaukee, and Madison are included in this category. 

How Kratom is categorized in Wisconsin?

The answer to the question, “Is kratom legal in Wisconsin in 2023?” is No. You might be wondering if this plant fits into a certain group. The chemicals in Kratom are dangerous enough to be put in Schedule I, but the plant itself is not. Whether or not the plant has “a high potential for abuse” or “no currently accepted medical use,” rests on how lawmakers see it. 

Due to a lack of formal scientific research on Kratom and its effects, US lawmakers are hesitant to legalize it, despite centuries of use by indigenous Asian peoples and many current stories of how it has improved people’s lives.

Criminal Penalties for Kratom Possession and Distribution in Wisconsin

Many people want to know exactly why is Kratom illegal in Wisconsin? What are the repercussions of getting caught by the law in Wisconsin for selling or possessing it? Mitragynine, the indole-based alkaloid in Kratom, is listed as a Schedule 1 restricted substance by Wisconsin Act 961.14 (7). If you are caught selling or producing Kratom in Wisconsin, you will be charged with a Class H felony. 

If you’ve purchased Kratom in a different state where it’s legal, you may wonder if you can bring it into Wisconsin and use it legally. Since it is illegal everywhere in the area, no one outside Wisconsin may carry any of it into the state. 

Mitragynine possession in Wisconsin is a major felony. If you are found guilty, you could face a fine of up to $10,000 or up to 3 1/2 years in prison. The penalty for producing or selling mitragynine is up to six years in prison. 

Can I Buy Kratom in Wisconsin?

Can I legally buy Kratom in Wisconsin? The simple response is “No.” Mitragynine is outlawed in all Wisconsin municipalities, including purchase, sale, and production. Why not just order it online? Stores selling Kratom online only deliver it to areas where it is legal.

Is Kratom Legal In Wisconsin?

It’s not worth taking chances while purchasing Kratom, so please avoid buying it from street vendors. Potentially dangerous product and perhaps legal trouble if authorities intervene. 

When you’re in a place where it’s legal, buy kratom capsules from any reputed Kratom store so you can reap the benefits of this herb. You can read about the legality of kratom in various American states in our recent blogs.

The AKA & the Fight for Legal Recognition of Kratom in Wisconsin

The American Kratom Association was set up in 2014 to make sure that people all over the country are healthy and safe. Since the federal government doesn’t monitor Kratom, each state decides how to handle it. 

The AKA, or American Kratom Association, is the largest group of kratom users in the United States. As a group that works to help consumers, their goals differ from those of big business. 

The AKA is trying to get the Kratom Consumer Protection Act passed in every state. The kratom business will be better-regulated thanks to this Act. This will provide vendors with standards they must meet to keep customers safe. 

They closely monitor laws passed at the national, state, county, and local levels. The AKA maintains a website where you can read about the organization and the work that they are doing.


Does Wisconsin have any kratom laws? Unfortunately, there is nowhere convenient to get Kratom in my home state of Wisconsin. Some people may get around Wisconsin’s prohibition on Kratom by purchasing it from an internet distributor. But dependable dealers always follow local kratom regulations. They won’t send packages where Kratom is illegal. To try Kratom, you must wait for Wisconsin to lift its ban.

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